Welcome to Santa Cruz!

This section was intended to introduce you to our wonderful town and let you know a little bit about where our talented artists live and what there is to do around here!

Here are some pictures and links for things to do:

  • The Beach Boardwalk (Rides, arcades, mini golf, food, and beach!)
  • Wide Variety of Mountain Wineries (Winetasting)
  • The Mystery Spot (Oddities of Nature)
  • The Rio Theatre (Movies, concerts and theatre)
  • New Music Works (local Santa Cruz orchestra)
  • The Pacific Garden Mall (Unique Downtown shops and galleries)
  • Henry Cowell State Park (Giant redwoods, trails and camping)
  • Roaring Camp (railroad rides through the redwoods, concerts, and barbaques)
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium (world-wide variety of sea-life including the nations largest big-fish tank!) Also in Monterey, visit Cannery Row.
  • The Surf Museum
  • UC Santa Cruz
  • Hiking/ Mountain Biking at Wilder Ranch, Fall Creek, Quail Hollow, Big Basin, Henry Cowell and The Forest of the Nisine Marks
  • Disc Golf and golf at the De La Veaga Park
The Surfing Museum The trails of UCSC
Natural Bridges Beach Downtown Santa Cruz at the Pacific Garden Mall
The giant redwoods of Henry Cowell State Park  




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