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Nature Inspired Art

He provided the inspiration for Portraits and Dreamscapes primarilly done in prismacolor pencil.

Life through very colorful glasses.

Bill Venn's Art provides very colorful abstract emotive acrylics

Travel Inspired Impressionistic Landscapes

Carla's work exhibits intensely colorful images rendered with pastels and other media.

Spiritual Lightning

Algorithmic Art

Art of Aviarian Intensity

Subtle Visions

Elizabeth paintings deal with fantasy, love and the circus.

Abastract exploriation of the relationship between color, consciousness, and energy

Images of Santa Cruz County.

Art Based on Spiritual Reflections

Expressionist landscapes of imagination

Reminiscing on the Human Condition

Watercolors of flowers, country settings, children, local shops and a variety of other subjects.

Karen's art deals with nature and spiritual matters.

Luminous Landscapes - the Beauty and Spirit of Nature

A variety of thematic galleries for Leah Lubin

Art inspired by architecture and travel

Wandering with Art

Mixed-Media explores various spiritual and indiginous themes.

Rich full bodied oil paintings of flowers is Ron's primary theme

Susann's watercolors explore images of her travels through the Eastern part of the World

Representations of San Francisco

Spiritual Reflections

Art and photography inspired by nature and the sea